Images of Transition

Just a few photos of the last 2 months…


Final Bullet List from France

Dear friends and family, here’s a quick update sent from among the boxes and to-do lists. In the last few months we’ve… Welcomed a dynamic young couple as potential long-term leaders in the Bussy Church Held dozens of meetings and training sessions to hand over church responsibilities Accepted a calling as lead pastor at Conestoga Mennonite Church, Morgantown, PA (Jeremiah)… Read more →

Important non-virus news (and some virus news, too)

Hi everyone, First off, we just wanted to let everyone know that, despite the fairly extreme measures being adopted here in France to combat Covid-19, we and our church members are all well. Yesterday was only the first day of true quarantine— no leaving the house except for groceries, walking the dog, or certified work requirements — so we’ll probably… Read more →